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Don't let the LSAT hold you back. 

Michael and Associates

A lawyer with a passion for coaching.

Hi. I am Michael and I live in Toronto, Ontario with my cat Griz. 

As a curious and talkative student, I always imagined I would go to law school. I wrote the LSAT after completing a degree in political theory and philosophy at McGill University. I scored a 170. 

With a strong score in hand, I worked on my law school applications. At the time, I was working for a Member of Parliament. I still remember sitting in my office when my caller ID said “University of Toronto.” I had been accepted into law school.

I veered towards litigation during law school, receiving a prize of second place oralist in the Laskin Moot. After graduating from law school and passing the Ontario Bar, I worked in both the public and private sectors, assisting on two trials in excess of 6 weeks. I loved the court room, but the truth is my passion lay elsewhere: education and mentorship. 

For over a year I have been working as an LSAT tutor and have loved the chance to mentor future lawyers. I have spent over 1000 hours working one-on-one with students to sharpen their logical reasoning skills. Teaching is a joy for me. 

For me, LSAT tutoring is about more than just test preparation. I see tutoring as an opportunity to mentor future lawyers and build key skills that will last beyond the LSAT. This is a challenge I approach with empathy, understanding that every student comes facing unique obstacles.

Outside of tutoring I enjoy rock climbing, cycling, and music. I am an adoring cat owner, and Griz will often sit in on tutoring sessions. 

A mentor who builds up others.

Hello, I am Hussam, and I live in Edmonton, Alberta.

Like all the cool kids in high school, I loved my copy of John Rawls’ Theory of Justice. Entering an economics undergraduate program, I was excited to engage my peers in the great debates over the social good. 

In truth, there were a lot of graphs. Graphs are important, but they are not as satisfying for me as a really solid argument.    

So, I turned my attention to law. I knew I was on the right path when I started studying for the LSAT. Don’t hate me – but I found it really fun! I scored a 175 and received acceptance from a top 10 American law school. 

Truth is, I am a huge nerd, but I also love new foods, beautiful art and adventure. So, I decided to put off law school for a couple years in order to travel ….and of course to read some more books.  

I am so thrilled to be tutoring with Supreme LSAT during this period. I love tutoring the LSAT because it is not a test of what you know but rather how you think. I love helping my students get into their dream law schools, and even more so helping them become better thinkers. 

A debate coach with a gift for explaining.

Hi, I am Chase and I live in Philidelphia. 

Growing up, I was a shy kid. I was better at reading than recess. I wanted to find a way out of my shell, so I signed up for the school debate team. At first, I was terrible. I found myself in front of a full classroom, struggling to find my next word.

I was determined to master the art of debate. So I studied the top debaters as they argued, read a ton, and refused to give up.  Ultimately, I earned my place as president of our high school team. At University, I continued debating and won our regional championship. No longer a shy kid, I had learned to harness the power of argument. 

Knowing that law school was the best place to hone my ability for incisive argumentation, I decided to take the LSAT. Taking my first practice test felt like standing in front of the classroom for that first debate. I stared at questions at a loss for words. I was determined to improve and so I spent months studying. Ultimately, this hard work paid off and I scored a 180. 

I am currently a student at Carey Law School at the University of Pennsylvania. I want to help others get into law school as well. More than just a score and acceptance letter, I love helping others unleash their powers of argumentation. Learning how to reason helped me find my voice, and I want to help others do the same. 

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A personal trainer for your body and your mind.

Howdy! I’m Charles and I live in Vancouver, BC. I am here to get your body and mind in shape for the LSAT. 


In my first year of undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia, I read some words from Socrates that changed my life: “It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing that which his mind and body is capable of.” I wanted to see what I was capable of, so I started hitting the gym. 


At first training was intimidating, and for a while I was getting nowhere. But then I realized something important: I needed a strategy. By thinking through my goals and closely sticking to my action plan I was able to reach my fitness goals. Eventually, I became a certified strength and conditioning specialist. 


I never forgot that other part of what Socrates said —growing the mind. Indeed, I noticed that as I became more physically active my mental clarity was also improving. I wanted to test this newfound strength, and what better way to do that than with the LSAT. Initially, I struggled all the same, but I developed a systematic approach and pushed myself to follow it. My determination paid off when I scored a 176 and accepted to Canada's top law schools. 

I have now been tutoring the LSAT for over a year, helping others reach their Socratic peaks. I help my students find the same sense of vision and discipline that I brought to my own fitness and LSAT goals. As both an LSAT tutor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have experience helping students find their motivation, learn discipline, and develop powerful strategies. Unlike some other tests, the LSAT is truly a performance that requires a student to nurture their mind-body connection.

A poet who exudes excitement in the power of language.

Hi! My name is Mira, and I’m originally from Iowa City, Iowa.


To expand my boundaries outside Iowa, I turned to poetry. For me poetry became personal. It is how I reflect on my place in the world. 


The poems I read and wrote led me to new questions about the world. How do other people live? How do other people think? These are still the questions I hold when I look at an LSAT question. 


I decided to take the LSAT because I hope to become a criminal defense lawyer. Over the past few years, I have worked as an investigative intern with Georgetown Law. I have seen firsthand just how much impact one can have by advocating for the most marginalized in our criminal justice system. 


The LSAT was my first step in my path to applying to law schools. It was a challenge. When I say that LSAT questions are kind of like poems, people often think about how wordy and opaque they seem at first. I think about it as an opportunity to imagine a whole new way of seeing things! 


Ultimately, I scored a 177 on the LAST and will be attending Harvard Law School in Fall 2024. I am so excited to be pursuing my dream, and I want to help others do the same. 

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Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

A New Yorker who loves a good challenge

Hi, I am Gabrielle and I live in New York.


“You would love this test.” To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about law school. But a few friends told me that I had to try the LSAT. I decided to give the test a shot… and they were right. 


I didn’t get quite the score I wanted… but I loved it. I saw a complex puzzle before me, and I knew I needed to figure it out. At this point, I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to law school. I just knew I needed to conquer the LSAT. 


I worked incredibly hard, and in the end scored a 177. After taking a break for cooking school - I applied to law programs. As a true new yorker, I decided to stay in new york and attended NYU law. Afterwards, I joined the litigation management team at an insurance firm. 


The feeling of excitement that I had when receiving my LSAT score was a big moment for me. I love helping other people experience that for themselves. That’s why I started tutoring the LSAT. 


The LSAT is a test of logic, but it's also a test of resilience, calm, and creativity. My approach to teaching is one of patience and encouragement. I use my own medication and nature based practices to create a supportive environment for my students to thrive. 

Let's conquer the LSAT together!

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