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Don't let the LSAT hold you back. 

Our Success Stories

"I came to Michael with about 8 weeks to improve my score and am grateful for the experience. I was new to the LSAT process and was unsure of the best way to improve my score. I had been doing practice test after practice test without moving the needle much on my score. Michael was able to look at my previous scores, identify where we could get the most mileage, and focus on those areas. He was challenging and supportive, with the ability to break information down so that it was relatable. With a sharp sense of humor and an ability to roll with any frustration I experienced, he was a great combination of intelligence, experience, creativity, and kindness. He was very supportive and, in the end, I improved my score by 9 points. I would highly recommend Michael’s services to anyone wanting a high-value experience with their LSAT prep."


"My experience working with the Supreme LSAT team has been amazing. I’ve had a lot of difficulties finding a tutor that could match my learning style and make me feel comfortable, but Hussam changed all of that. I took an LSAT prep course and still couldn’t grasp the games section, but Hussam worked diligently with me until I understood the material inside and out. I researched and met with many different LSAT tutors before choosing Supreme LSAT. I will confidently recommend their services to anyone needing tutoring because they helped raise my score by 15 points and gave me the confidence I needed to get through my LSAT test this year. I am also extremely grateful for Michael’s help mapping out the layout of my personal statement because I had no idea what I was doing beforehand. I made the right choice with Supreme LSAT’s services, and I could not have chosen a more genuine and dedicated team to help me through such a difficult time. Thank you, Hussam and Michael; I couldn’t have done it without you!"


"I have read through plenty of self-study guides and attended numerous paid courses by LSAT “experts” to up my score on the test. Truthfully, no resource has come close to what Charles was able to offer in the time he spent working with me. I had a four-week deadline to improve my LSAT score, and Charles worked around the clock to help me obtain a 163 on the test from a diagnostic score of 147. Charles was patient but was serious about helping me achieve my goals. What I really appreciated in Charles’ teaching style was that he thoroughly explained why the right answers were right and why the wrong answers were wrong. This, when coupled with well-designed drills helped me to reach new heights that I never thought was possible. Thank you, Charles, you rock!"


"Prior to working with Michael, I was at a complete loss for how to tackle the LSAT. Studying for the LSAT brought me immense stress, but from my first session with Michael, he calmed me and allowed me to gain confidence in myself as a prospective law student. Michael's constant encouragement and dedication allowed me to have a 27-point increase from my diagnostic score to the October 2022 test. Beyond my LSAT preparation, Michael has continued to support me as I complete my personal statement, resume and overall law school application. 

By having Michael in my corner, I felt prepared to tackle the LSAT and now feel prepared to pursue a career in law. I cannot express how grateful I am for Michael's dedication to assisting me in achieving my dream." 

— Trechelle

"I can not express how grateful I am to have had Hussam as an LSAT tutor. Prior to tutoring with him, I was very anxious about the LSAT. However, his kindness, patience, and extensive knowledge on the subjects greatly reassured me and put my worries at ease. He was genuine, and I could tell that he truly cared and wanted me to succeed. Hussam took the time to explain every single question I had, and would make sure I fully understood the concepts. His explanations were always very clear, efficient, and informative. Hussam not only helped me improve my LSAT skills, but he also gave me the confidence needed to take the LSAT! He is truly God sent and I can not thank him enough. He is the best LSAT tutor anyone could get!"

— Roselani Enriquez 

"I had a great experience working with the Supreme LSAT team, and would highly recommend them to anyone as they truly go above and beyond. I had Hussam as my tutor, and Michael worked with me on my personal statement. They constantly check in with you, and are always available to answer law school questions and/or provide feedback on how you can continue to improve. In tutoring sessions, Hussam has a genuine desire to see students succeed and takes the time to breakdown and explain concepts until you truly understand. Overall, they made me feel more at ease with the LSAT and law school application process!"

— Alesha

"Chase was great! He was able to clarify topics that I found difficult and solidify others that I was more confident in. I found him and his tutoring extremely helpful. "


"Michael was instrumental in improving my 152 diagnostic scores to 160 on the LSAT. We worked together over 8 weeks and especially focused on games. He was willing to work with me on my specific needs - thanks Michael!"


"I received my LSAT test score in December and improved 15 points - enough to get into my law school of choice. Hussam, I really want to thank you for all of you crucial help in preparation for the exam. Your patience and willingness to walk me through the process was invaluable. Thank you so much for your time and expertise."

— Dylan

"Michael is an incredible tutor. Not only is he an expert at training for the LSAT, but he also helps with the equally as important law school applications and essays. When I really struggled with logic games, he guided me through each type and now I can successfully complete them. He is patient, understanding, and helpful, and I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone who needs to improve their skills for the LSAT. He is an excellent teacher and an affordable option for people who do not wish to spend thousands of dollars on LSAT prep courses. With Michael and the Supreme LSAT team, you’ll get better training at a fraction of the cost, which is a big win for me! 10/10."


The LSAT is undoubtedly a hard test to prepare for, and as someone who struggles with discipline and organization, self-study has been quite difficult for me. For a while, I failed to see any real improvements until I decided to call on Michael for help.


The great thing about Michael is that he really tailored his approach specifically for me and made it incredibly easy to grasp the nuances in certain LSAT questions. Michael made me realize that there are no secrets in doing the LSAT, however, there are strategies that can be utilized to studying and understanding exactly how to approach things.


Since working with Michael, my scores have improved 12 points and I have much more confidence when studying. If you think you’re stuck and struggling with things such as timing, Michael’s and Supreme LSAT methods will definitely help you improve.

— Jeric

"Working with Supreme LSAT was invaluable to me as a first-generation law school attendee. As a young, Indigenous person I was apprehensive about tackling the LSAT because I had never met anyone else who had the privilege to do so. Michael went above and beyond in getting me situated with LSAT methods that matched my educational background, and full-time work schedule! Michael encouraged me from day one until my acceptance to the Allard School of Law at UBC, whilst scheduling around our 3-hour time difference! The support I received from Michael was beyond any other LSAT Preparation services I reviewed because I also learned important information about Law School culture, and Law practice itself. Michael provided information about concepts that I did not have the vocabulary to google and my success is owed to working with him. I feel confident entering my first year of law school at my dream school! I consider Michael to be an important person in my support network and I am happy to connect with his students should they have any questions about law school. "


"Being a mature Indigenous student who has been out of the academic scene for more than a decade, I had a lot to overcome while preparing for the LSAT. Charles was able to simplify the language of the exam and help me tailor a strategy guide that involved easy to remember tips and tricks by question type, as well as a reliable system of diagramming in symbolic logic that was both intuitive and effective. His lesson on the basics of formal logic helped me build an understanding of the LSAT that was unshakeable by the most difficult of curve-ball questions. Charles’ methodical approach and his personal enthusiasm for the LSAT made practice sessions on my own time fun and exciting and my overall journey of getting into my dream law school at UBC that much more enjoyable than what it would have been. If I haven't been clear, Charles is an amazing instructor and I highly recommend booking him!"

— Samantha

"I am a premedical student studying for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Chase helped me with preparing specifically for the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills session in the MCAT. During the course of my review, Chase was always available to answer questions, and he was very accommodating when scheduling my one-on-one review sessions. He has access to many study materials such as logical reasoning, reading comprehension sections of the LSAT and we focused on exactly what I needed to improve in my reading and analytical skills. Chase shared his thought process and strategies in detail during our sessions and really changed my attitude in attacking my problem areas. Chase’s approach was really helpful and helped me open up and feel more comfortable with the reading section on my test. As a result, not only did I relax, but after a couple of months my score and reading speed have both improved dramatically. I am grateful I signed up for this reading tutoring for my MCAT. Thank you Chase! "


I chose to work with Hussam at Supreme LSAT because of his encouraging and non-judgmental attitude. I was studying for the LSAT on top of a demanding job which I felt made other tutoring options less willing to work with me. Supreme LSAT and Hussam, however, were very accomodating to my schedule and specific needs. I expressed to Hussam that I did not want to spend time memorizing tips and tricks but would rather focus on actually understanding the material, and he completely catered to this desire. Hussam's straightforward approach and willingness to debate answers with me made our tutoring sessions feel like we were working together toward a common goal rather than him teaching me. In the end, I managed to score a 170! I'm grateful for Hussam and Supreme LSAT's flexibility and effort and would certainly work with them again!

- Lane

Michael and I started working together with only a few months left before my second LSAT administration. This was the last chance to improve my score for the year’s admission cycle, which left me awfully nervous. But lesson after lesson, Michael helped lift some of that pressure, not only through genuine encouragement and emotional support, but also through his LSAT knowledge and lesson material. As the months went by, Michael helped me refine the test habits and techniques that would increase my score by 11 points. This increase would not have been possible without his approach to reading comprehension. Going into my second try, I was more prepared, more confident, and more relaxed. My experience working with Michael (despite our time difference and my spotty Wi-Fi) was amazing, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to do so.

- John

Working with Hussam, I increased my score by 12 points, with less then a month of tutoring. Hussam made the content easy to understand.

- Tom

Michael from SupremeLSAT was the difference maker for me reaching my goal score of 170+. Our sessions were always productive, building on my weakest areas and not moving on until I understood each question in its entirety. His approach to building a strong base for each section of the test was the difference maker in things finally "clicking" at an advanced level. This tutoring opened a lot of doors for myself; I'm incredibly glad I took the chance and bet on myself improving my LSAT score through SupremeLSAT.

- Mike

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