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Get the LSAT score you deserve. 

Don't let the LSAT hold you back. 

The LSAT is the gateway to your legal career. 

All American and Canadian common law schools require or highly regard an LSAT score. 

In 2020 the overall median salary for a graduate of a US law school was $80,000 compared to $160,000 for graduates of top schools.

The LSAT can account for up to 70% of admissions decisions at some law schools.

Merit scholarships are typically reserved for students who score above a schools median LSAT.

Many aspiring lawyers turn to big LSAT prep courses only to be let down. Between mind-numbing textbooks and poorly trained instructors, too many students end up stuck.

I'm here to help. 

​My name is Michael, and I’ve spent the past 3 years mentoring aspiring law students as an LSAT tutor. I have worked with several LSAT preparation providers as both a student and instructor. I know that the biggest names in LSAT preparation are letting students down because I saw it first hand. 

Traditional LSAT programs are too focused on rote memorization. As a licensed lawyer myself, I knew that there had to be a better way of helping future lawyers unlock their logical reasoning skills. 

So I created Supreme LSAT. Lawyer designed LSAT prep, for an affordable rate.

Michael has presented at:
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Don't let the LSAT hold you back. 

​Logical reasoning


​Supreme LSAT

I take a holistic approach to logical reasoning, focused on foundational skills. My students learn to build arguments, articulate clearly, and make analogies. 


Big Courses

Big courses tell students to memorize a long list of question stems and related acronyms. These students must complete repetitive drills in a standardized textbook.

​Reading Comprehension


​Supreme LSAT

I take a front-loaded approach to reading comprehension, focused on understanding the passage as you read it. My students learn to synthesize and analyze the most difficult passages whilst staying within the strict time limits.


Big Courses

Big Courses push students to skim through a passage in order to take notes. These students must memorize highly specific, copy-righted forms of note taking. 

​Logic games


​Supreme LSAT

​I teach students how to complete the same games in different ways and how to tackle the most unique game types. My students will take the lead on games and work them out as I coach them. 


Big Courses

Big Courses will demonstrate how to complete a game and require students to learn by osmosis. These students are pushed to memorize a singular approach to games, and only learn basic game types.  

How it Works. 



Book your free coaching session. We’ll assess your law school goals and application, review different approaches to the LSAT, and dive into the nuances of each section of the test.



Schedule your first tutoring session. We’ll test your ability to make and manipulate arguments - the foundation of the LSAT. You only pay for your first session if you decide to book a second. 



An LSAT plan made just for you. Your expert LSAT tutor will provide tailored coaching, from homework plans to application advising.

Hear from students who were admitted to their dream law school.

"Michael's constant encouragement and dedication allowed me to have a 27-point increase from my diagnostic score..."

- Trechelle

Gabrielle's dedication and expertise were instrumental in my achieving a score of 170+ on the LSAT

- Nathanel

Michael from SupremeLSAT was the difference maker for me reaching my goal score of 170+

- Mike

How much does it cost? 

I believe that LSAT preparation should be affordable. I want everyone with dreams of practicing law to be able to realize their passion. We all benefit by greater diversity within the legal profession. 

That’s why we offer pay-as-you-go sessions without steep upfront costs. Sessions are 90 minutes and cost $160 cad (+hst) or $145 usd. This works out to a highly competitive rate: Online LSAT tutoring for 97/hr. Ask us about our package discounts for an even lower rate.

We know that feeling comfortable with your tutor is so important. That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction with your first lesson. Under our pay-as-you-go system we will only send you an invoice for your first session if you felt it was valuable.






CAD (+hst)


Schedule a free 30 minutes 
coaching session. 

Your free coaching session will include:

Analysis of your application and goals.

Overview of approaches to LSAT preparation.

Insight into each section of the LSAT.

Everything you need to know about working with Supreme LSAT.

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